Pleioblastus Chino 'Elegantissima'

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A short growing variegated bamboo - works well as a low hedge.
  • Origin: China
  • Height: 1 metre
  • Hardiness: -25 degrees celcius; Zone 5b
  • Exposure: Sun or Light Shade
  • Use: Container, ground cover

Pleioblastus Chino 'Elegantissima' is an elegant (as it's name suggests) bamboo with beautiful white variegation on the leaves. It is a dwarf bamboo and will grow to a maximum 1 metre.

This bamboo will grow into a dense clump and is ideal for creating a low hedge.

Typical Supplied Height: 0.30m - 0.50m

To see if this plant is hardy in your location check out our Hardiness Zones Map for more information

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