Ground Cover Spreading Bamboo

Spreading bamboo plants with their mass of foliage and character can add a tropical jungle feel to any cold climate garden. Popular spreaders for adding tropical feel include Sasa Palmata Nebulosa for its huge glossy leaves, Sasa Veitchii for its stunning bleached leaves and Shibataea Kumasaca for its dense bushy appearance.

While these Bambo plants have been placed under the 'Spreading Bamboo' heading they are generally well behaved. Generally shorter than the majority of the 'Clumping Bamboos' these plants play an important part of a tropical planting scheme as their leaves are very large. If the spreading nature of these plants is a concern they are easily controlled either by cutting back or installation of a root barrier.

  • Chimonobambusa Tumidissinoda

    Chimonobambusa Tumidissinoda

    A rare and interesting bamboo for the connoissuer.
    only 3 available

    Currently out of stock. Please email to be added to waiting list for late summer / early Autumn stocks
  • Indocalamus Latifolius

    Indocalamus Latifolius

    A lovely choice for patio containers.

    Possibly more Summer 2018
  • Indocalamus Tessellatus

    Indocalamus Tessellatus

    Add real tropical feel to your garden with these large leaves.

  • Pleioblastus Chino 'Elegantissima'

    Pleioblastus Chino 'Elegantissima'

    A short growing variegated bamboo - works well as a low hedge.

    not currently available
  • Pleioblastus Fortunei 'Variegata'

    Pleioblastus Fortunei 'Variegata'

    A good choice for colourful ground cover.

    Not available
  • Pleioblastus Pygmaeus

    Pleioblastus Pygmaeus

    The smallest of all cold hardy bamboos.

    not currently available
  • Sasaella Glabra 'Albostriata'

    Sasaella Glabra 'Albostriata'

    A versatile bamboo with striking foliage.

    sold out 2020
  • no image

    Sasaella Ramosa

    A widely spreading bamboo with lush green foliage.

  • Sasa Kurilensis

    Sasa Kurilensis

    Equisite medium height bamboo with stunning foliage.

    £25.00 preorder


  • Sasa Palmata Nebulosa

    Sasa Palmata Nebulosa

    Palm Leaf Bamboo - A very exotic looking bamboo due to its very large palm like leaves.

    £26.00 in stock


  • Sasa Tsuboiana

    Sasa Tsuboiana

    An attractive ground cover.

    £22.80 in stock


  • Sasa Veitchii - close up

    Sasa Veitchii

    An uncommon Bamboo with 'bleached' leaves.

    £16.00 preorder


  • Shibataea Kumasaca

    Shibataea Kumasaca

    A short, compact bamboo ideal for borders.

    sold out April 2020
  • Yushania 1.jpg

    Yushania Anceps

    An elegant bamboo with a beautiful foliage effect.

    Sold out

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