Tropical Border Seed Collection

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Grow your own tropical border with this tropical seed collection containing 40 seeds.

Fatsia Japonica (False Castor Oil Plant) - Hardy to -12ºC (qty:10).

Don’t let this one fool you, everyone thinks it’s a house plant. However, this is a must for the tropical border as this evergreen shrub has large tropical looking leaves. Sometimes it requires protection from cold winds but once established it is fully hardy anywhere.

Callistemon Citrinus (Bottlebrush Plant) - Hardy to -5ºC without protection (qty:10).

A fairly small shrub only reaching approx 1.5m high. The greatest feature of this plant is the bright pink flowers grown on long stamens resembling an old fashioned bottle brush. If the leaves are crushed there is a scent of lemon, hence the name.

Cordyline Australis (Torbay Palm or Cabbage Tree) - Hardy to -10ºC (qty:10).

Almost small trees in its native habitat but lets not get carried away. This is a relatively small shrub capable of growing multiple trunks with dense, long arching, spiking leaves. Flowers are long, white and extremely fragrant.

Trachycarpus Fortunei (Windmill Palm) - Hardy to -17ºC for short periods (qty:10).

Grown for over 100 years in the UK this is the hardiest of all Palms grown in the UK. It is quite difficult to grow from seed but if successful it is well worth it. Quite a tall shrub, almost a tree, reaching approx 15m with fan shaped leaves approx 1.2m across.

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