Sasa Kurilensis

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Equisite medium height bamboo with stunning foliage.



  • Origin: Russia
  • Height: 2.5 metres
  • Hardiness: -30 degrees celcius; Zone 4b
  • Exposure: Sun or Part Shade
  • Use: Ground cover / hedging

The Sasa Kurilensis is the most northerly wild growing bamboo with stunning foliage to be admired.

This bamboo has fairly narrow canes with a vertical growing habit. When they emerge they are nearly always dark green but turn paler with maturity to a light olive green colour. The large leaves grow in a palm like manor at the top of the culms.

This is a robust plant that can grow almost anywhere with a little shade to help prevent leaf scorch. It has a running habit but not as energetic as most of the other 'Sasa' varieties.

Typical Supplied Height: 0.30m - 0.50m

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