Osmunda Regalis (Royal Flowering Fern)

Commonly known as the royal fern or flowering fern, it is very regal.

The flowering fern is one of the largest native ferns which needs room to develop. The large clumps have tall stems bearing short ladder-like leaves along their length.

In summer, spore-bearing fronds with tightly furled tips push up through the leaves, creating an impression of faded flower-heads, hence the plant's common name. In autumn, the foliage turns golden yellow don't cut it down until winter's end.

Although ferns are traditionally grown in shade, this one is happy in sun provided the soil stays moist.

This fern looks breathtaking with other moisture-loving, large foliage plants such as rodgersia and gunnera and of course bamboo.

This fern can reach approx 1.2m.

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