NEW Bamboo for 2018

  • Fargesia Nitida black pearl4.jpg

    Fargesia Nitida 'Black Pearl'

    A stunning clumping bamboo with intense dark purple almost black culms

    £31.50 in stock


  • Fargesia Nitida winter joy1.jpg

    Fargesia Nitida 'winter joy'

    A new bamboo ideal for non-invasive hedging & screening with an array of colours throughout the year

    £21.00 in stock


  • Semiarundinaria Yashadake Kimmei

    Semiarundinaria Yashadake Kimmei

    Highly ornamental bamboo with think yellow culms.

    £28.00 in stock


  • fargesia obelisk3.jpg

    Fargesia Obelisk

    Fargesia Obelisk is a new generation hybrid bamboo (murielae x nitida)

    £24.50 in stock


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