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Gunnera Manicata

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Giant Rhubarb - Large Tropical Leaves!


  • 2-3 litre plants
  • Common Name: Giant Rhubarb
  • Species: Gunnera
  • Exposure: Sun or Shade (Shade tends to make the leaves larger)
  • Hardiness: Very Hardy
  • Soil type: Un-fussy about soil but prefers rich, moist conditions

Gunnera Manicata needs almost no care at all. Plant it in rich, moist soil and you will be rewarded with enormous leaves spanning approx 2 foot across, with a lush green top surface & barbed/prickly underside. During mid Summer very large flower spikes will be 'thrown' out of the centre of the plants crown. As this plants needs lots of water we suggest that it is ideal situated in a bog garden or by the side of a pond.

Our own plant is so large that you can stand underneath it! It is a fantastic umbrella on a wet day.

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