Growing Palm Trees from Seed

Palm seeds are relatively easy to germinate from seed if you follow some simple steps. We find that the following method is very successful.


Palm seeds are best sown in pots but to prevent waterlogging it is beneficial to use deep clay pots. The clay pots allow excess water to drain off and allow air to reach potential seedling roots.


Fill your chosen pot with compost mixed with grit, water it well and leave it to drain. A warm temperature and high humidity are essential if you are going to achieve a high germination rate. Place the pot in a propagator for 24hrs bringing it up to the required germination temperature (30 - 35 deg C). If you don't have a propagator simply cover the top of your pot with a clear plastic bag held in place with an elastic band. (If you cant achieve this temperature, dont worry your seeds will still germinate but may take a while longer). Place the seed on the surface of the compost and then cover it with more compost at the same thickness as the seed itself.


Keep a weekly eye on your seeds. Never allow them to dry out as they will die. If you need to, simply mist the surface of the compost with a light spray. Germination can take anything from three weeks to eighteen months, SO BE PATIENT.


Once your seeds germinate prize them out of the compost gently. Tip - always handle the seedlings by their seed which will still be attached to the roots at this time. Prepare some fresh compost in 2 - 3 inch pots (clay is best) and transfer each seedling into their own pot by planting them level with their own natural collar.


Water and label each pots and position them into bright shade. Try and avoid scorching sunlight for the first 2 - 3 years.

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