Fatsia Japonica

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Japanese Aralia or False Caster Oil Plant.
  • Common Name: Japanese Aralia
  • Species: Japonica
  • Exposure: Thrives best in shade
  • Hardiness: Very Hardy
  • Soil type: Un-fussy about soil but prefers rich, fertile soil

Often sold in shops as a houseplant, the Fatsia is surpisingly hardy and will thrive outdoors in all parts of the UK.

If you are looking to create a tropical border or Jungle area this plant is a must. While the leaves look relatively delicate with their glossy exterior they are very leathery & tough to the touch. In late Summer cream coloured flower spikes will emerge from the centre of the plant similar to 'pom-poms'.

Growth is quite slow to start with but eventually it can easily reach a height of approximately 2.5m with a spread of approximately 2m. If the plant starts to get too large it can simply be cut back!

1-2L plants supplied approx 40cm high

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