Bamboo Seed Collection

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Grow your own bamboo with this collection of hardy bamboo seeds.

Bambusa Textilis (Weavers Bamboo) - Hardy to -10ºC. (qty:10)

An easy bamboo to germinate. Mature culms (canes) on this bamboo grow blue when they first emerge during shooting time. This can occur at any time between May & September depending on location. This plant forms an excellent screen and has the capability of growing to approx 40ft high with 50mm thick culms.

Bambusa Ventricosa (Budda Belly Bamboo) - Hardy to -8ºC. (qty:10)

This bamboo grows very well outside in a sheltered part of the garden or happily thrives as a pot grown or bamboo plant. It gets its name from the swollen internodes on the culms (canes) which look a bit like Budda’s large belly! This is a tall, dense bamboo sure to be a talking point.

Chamaedorea Microspadix (Bamboo Palm) - Hardy to -9ºC. (qty:10)

Seeds can take up to 4 months to germinate but they are well worth the effort for palm and bamboo lovers alike. This is a clump forming palm capable of growing up to 2m high in temperate climates. Long arching leaves grow from the top of thick bamboo like trunks.

Phyllostachys Heterocycla v. Pubescens (Moso Bamboo) - Hardy to -20ºC. (qty:10)

When it comes to bamboo there is no argument about who is the biggest, you just found it! Moso can grow very, very tall with culms (canes) maturing to anything from 2 - 5 inches thick. Despite its enormous size the leaves are amongst the smallest of all bamboos. In China this plant can grow about 18 inches a day! No need to worry about that here but we feel that its worth a try as it germinates very easily.

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