Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry Tree)

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A small tree producing strawberry like fruits.


  • Species: Arbutus Unedo
  • Common Name: Killarney Strawberry Tree
  • Genus: Arbutus
  • Seasons of Interest: Autumn Interest
  • Tree Features: Inedible Fruit
  • Mature Size: Small (under 10m)
  • Tree uses: Coastal Planting
  • Tree Type: Evergreen Broad Leaf
  • Tolerances: Wind-resistant

The Strawberry tree is produces strawberry-like fruits in the Autumn (not for eating though!)

It is a small evergreen with brown, shedding bark, and its flowers and fruits are produced together in the autumn. It is a good choice for exposed and coastal sites, it is also good for urban plantings.

A winner of the Award of Garden Merit in 2002 it does well in most soil types, but prefers it moist. Don’t be afraid to hard prune if it is getting untidy, best done in late March / April it grows back beautifully.

We grow it as both a bushy shrub and a full standard tree.

Young shoots are tinged red which contrasts well against the dark green leaves.

Mature height: 5-10m

2L pots supplied 40-45cm high

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